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We've moved! Please subscribe to the Google Marketing Platform blog for updates. With consumers watching video across screens and devices, you need to be able to reach these audiences wherever they are — on YouTube, on the web and on apps — and analyze your campaign results in tandem. This requires access to engaging formats and to reporting and measurement capabilities that work across your buys. Bumpers are great for driving upper-funnel brand impact at an efficient CPM and in a mobile-friendly way.

TrueView Shopping adscurrently in beta in DoubleClick Bid Manager, allow you to add product details from your Google Merchant Center account to your video ads on YouTube, making it easier for viewers to engage and learn more about your products. No more waiting for support to manually set them up.

Combining your video strategy under one roof, in one reporting interface and with a single set of brand metrics can help you understand which strategies are performing well across all of your inventory. Consolidation with DoubleClick can lead to greater efficiency, reliability and insight for your video advertising.

DoubleClick Advertiser Blog. DoubleClick's official blog for advertiser news, insights, and information. Newer Post Older Post Home. Search This Blog. Enhanced YouTube buying and reporting in DoubleCli Powered by Blogger.Your client is a DoubleClick Campaign Manager advertiser.

Your client is a shoe retailer that wants their TrueView campaign to reach users who have shown an interest in running.

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What kind of audience targeting is this? Your campaign has a single budget that can be allocated across multiple targeting strategies and formats. How do you set up your TrueView ad groups? TrueView is a cost-per-view CPV ad format. What does this mean?

What are two audiences that can be added to audience lists for remarketing in DoubleClick Bid Manager? Your advertiser wants their video promoted alongside relevant YouTube search results.

What kind of TrueView ad format is best for them? Your advertiser is a global company with very high levels of brand awareness. How can you organize your TrueView ads to optimize by length? Your client is running a TrueView campaign to drive installs of their mobile app. What is an appropriate call-to-action for their in-stream creative? Which metrics do you look at?

In order to qualify for the greatest amount of available inventory, what do your pixels need to comply with? What is positively correlated with an increase in brand awareness and consideration? How should you approach the development of video discovery creatives?

Your TrueView campaign for Bean Coffee performs significantly better on smartphones and tablets than on desktop. How do you optimize your campaign, given this information? Your client has agreed to begin work on their TrueView campaign. To ensure the highest possible view-through rate VTRwhat is the most important part of your in-stream video creative? What is the required pacing for TrueView insertion orders? Which of these options is a property of an in-stream creative? Your client wants their TrueView campaign to drive increased sales on their site.

How do you design effective video discovery creative to accomplish this? Affinity segments Demographic Geographic Remarketing 3. Run mobile on a separate line item Run multiple ad groups per line item Run one ad group per insertion order Run each ad on a separate line item and ad group 4. Advertisers do not pay unless the user engages with the ad, views the entire ad, or views 30 seconds of the ad Advertisers do not pay unless the user views the ad for at least two seconds, clicks the ad, and makes a purchase Advertisers pay for each impression, regardless of whether or not the user views or interacts with the ad Advertisers pay for each impression, regardless of whether or not the user views or interacts with the ad 5.

Create highly targeted audience campaigns to ensure you reach a niche audience Run a single creative, then alternate the creative each month based on promotions Run multiple ads at once and optimize for creative performance Serve a single ad to the same user multiple times to ensure the message is delivered 8. Run only longer ads to maximize view time Run shorter ads alongside longer ads Set the limit to a standard second video Run only shorter ads to maximize view completions 9.

Write a headline and description that are as long as necessary to accomplish your goals Write highly sophisticated copy and treat the headline and description the same Fit copy within the character limits and ensure the headline stands alone Place your most vital information in the description Remove any desktop impressions Increase your bids on mobile inventory by adding a mobile and tablet bid adjustment Break out new insertion orders for mobile and bid up on these line items Increase your bids across all environments The exam covers the basics of DoubleClick Bid Manager TrueView to empower consumers to choose products and services that meet their needs, and align with their values.

This is all done through ad hosted on YouTube; which is a great branding platform. Disclaimer: All questions below are from live exams. Please double check your answers when taking the exam! TrueView in Bid Manager — Basics 1. How does an advertiser link their YouTube channel with Bid Manager? What are the first three steps to get enabled for TrueView in Bid Manager?

A TrueView makes it easier to track conversion performance across both mobile and display. B TrueView helps my advertiser reach their audience, and only pay when they watch or interact with the ad. D TrueView generates a better CPM than typical video buys, and provides incentives for customers to click. Which of these options is a property of an in-display creative?

How might an advertiser organize their TrueView ads by length? Which of these is a recommended best practice for launching a TrueView campaign? Why should you use the mobile bid modifier? What two things happen if you edit an ad? Which targeting is pre-selected for a TrueView line item? Is it possible to edit a Bid Manager pixel, to track conversions for TrueView campaigns? What unique about pixel tracking for TrueView line items? Which report is the most effective for measuring TrueView performance?Google Ads gives you several ways to bid for your ads, depending on what matters most to you and your business.

TrueView in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Category

Most advertisers focus on clicks, impressions, conversions, or views for video ads. Now that you're advertising on Google Ads, you probably have a clear goal in mind for your ads. If you sell coffee, maybe you want to get more people to visit your shop. If you run a hiking club, maybe you're aiming to get more people to sign up for your newsletter.

And so on. Google Ads runs an auction every single time it has an ad space available -- on a search result, or on a blog, news site, or some other page. Each auction decides which ads will show at that moment in that space. Your bid puts you in the auction.

You can focus on different things when you bid: clicks, impressions, conversions, views, or engagements, depending on your campaign type. Which would you choose? Let's look at these more closely. If your main goal is to have people visit your website, then clicks are a good place to start. Using cost-per-click CPC bidding, you'll pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad and comes to your site.

If you run a hiking club in Vermont, you might want to bid a lot for direct-hit keywords like "Vermont hiking" and a different amount for broader keywords like "hiking maps. If your campaign is targeting just the Search Network and your main goal is to increase your brand visibility, consider using Target Impression Share.

With this bidding strategy, Google Ads will automatically set your bids to help achieve your Impression Share goal. If your campaign is targeting just the Display Network, instead of paying by the click, you can pay by the number of times your ad is viewably shown. That's called cost-per-thousand viewable impressions vCPM bidding, since you pay for every 1, times your ad appears and is viewable. If you're mostly interested in getting your name or logo in front of lots of people, this is a smart option.

google bid manager trueview

Learn how ads are measured as viewable. With this advanced bidding method, you tell Google Ads the amount you're willing to pay for a conversion, or cost per action CPA. A conversion sometimes called an acquisition is a particular action you want to see on your website. Often that's a sale, but it could be an email sign-up or some other action. You pay for each click, but Google Ads will automatically set your bids for you to try to get you as many conversions as possible at the cost per action you specified.

To use CPA bidding you must have conversion tracking turned on, among other things, so CPA bidding is suited for intermediate and advanced Google Ads users.

If your main goal is to evaluate how engaged viewers are with your video content, where they choose to watch your videos, and when they drop off from watching your content, you'll use cost-per-view CPV bidding. With CPV bidding, you'll pay for video views and other video interactions, such as clicks on the calls-to-action overlay CTAscards, and companion banners. To set a CPV bid, you enter the highest price you want to pay for a view while setting up your TrueView video campaign.

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google bid manager trueview

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Google Partners Program.Bumper ads are a short video ad format designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand by using a short, memorable message.

Bumper ad campaigns

With videos of 6 seconds or less, bumper ads let you reach people with bite-sized messages, while providing a minimal impact on their viewing experience. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one. You can also duplicate an existing insertion order that contains TrueView line items and then edit the copied line items.

Additional types of targeting are available in the line item's ad groups. Unlike other types of line items, targeting for TrueView line items for bumper ads can be set at 2 different levels: the line item level and the ad group level. Learn more about targeting options for TrueView line items. Select either an image that's automatically generated from the videos in your YouTube channel recommended or an image that you manually upload as your companion banner. It can be useful to use multiple ad groups within the same line item for bumper ads if you have one budget that can be allocated across:.

You can use either the General report or the TrueView report for bumpers. Views and views-related metrics are not available for bumpers because they are purchased on a CPM basis. Google Help. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback.

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Structured Data - v5.1 - TrueView Ad

Build line items TrueView campaigns Bumper ad campaigns. TrueView campaigns Bumper ad campaigns Next: Non-skippable ad campaigns. Nuances of TrueView targeting Unlike other types of line items, targeting for TrueView line items for bumper ads can be set at 2 different levels: the line item level and the ad group level. It can be useful to use multiple ad groups within the same line item for bumper ads if you have one budget that can be allocated across: Different audiences within the same TrueView line item.

Different kinds of targeting without limiting scale. For example, you could use audience targeting in one ad group and content targeting in another ad group. Next: Non-skippable ad campaigns. Was this helpful? Yes No.We've moved!

Please subscribe to the Google Ad Manager blog for updates. With Ad Manager, you get a complete ad platform that helps you earn more and grow revenue, no matter how you sell. Learn more. DoubleClick Advertisers. AdSense Blog.

AdMob Blog. DoubleClick Publisher Blog. Programmatic Video Mobile Creative Measurement. Cross-posted from our DoubleClick Advertiser blog. We introduced TrueView, an innovative cost-per-view CPV ad format, five years ago as a way to put user choice at the heart of brand advertising.

With TrueView, viewers choose to engage, and brands only pay when they do. In parallel, programmatic buying has evolved from just a real-time bidding tool for direct response campaigns to an important technology and data-driven solution for brand building.

With the consumer journey now fractured into many " micro-moments " across screens, programmatic can help brands understand and reach their audiences across devices and formats. In the coming months, marketers and agencies will be able to buy the TrueView choice-based video ad format on a cost-per-view CPV basis through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

This is the first time TrueView has been available outside of AdWords, allowing DoubleClick clients to take advantage of features like cross-campaign frequency capping, unified audience insights, measurement and billing across campaigns.

Some of our partners are already seeing success:. In the advertising world, TrueView is the epitome of that choice. The fact that we can now scale it further via DoubleClick Bid Manager represents a powerful new channel for marketing our content across the world.

This deepens our ability to achieve client success metrics on highly relevant and viewable video inventory combined with universal controls around targeting, frequency management and reporting.

This adds to our ongoing investments to help brands get the most out of the programmatic landscape like Google Partner SelectActive ViewVerification and brand safety protections.The average time, in seconds, the ad appeared on screen.

If the user scrolls away from the ad so that it is no longer considered viewable, the time on screen counter stops.

If the user scrolls back to the ad so that it is considered viewable again, the counter resumes. If the user switches to a different browser tab, time on screen stops recording. For video ads, the ad must be playing in addition to all of the above for time to be counted.

Example: A video ad that played for 10 seconds, was navigated away from, then returned to and played for another 10 seconds gives an average viewable time of 20 seconds. All viewable ads are measurable, because you can't confirm that an ad has met the criteria for viewability unless it can be measured. Billable cost is calculated as the sum of media costs plus any "invoiced" partner costs such as CPM fee 1, CPM fee 2, Media fee 1, Media fee 2and is calculated differently based the configuration of each partner.

The number of times a person has landed on a success page, after viewing an ad. Post-view conversions can also be thought of as "post-impression" conversions. This is the difference between how much you charged and your costs for running a campaign, calculated as the difference of Revenue - Total Media Cost. Also see revenue models. The average amount of time, in seconds, that each user interaction with a Rich Media creative lasted. An interaction is counted when a user moves the mouse cursor over the creative.

google bid manager trueview

To ensure that accidental mouse movements aren't counted, interactions that last less than 1 second are discarded. Similarly, if the mouse stops moving for more than a second, Reporting stops counting additional interaction time.

When the mouse then begins moving again, if the cursor stays over the creative for more than a second, additional interaction time will be counted. The time is cumulative; only one interaction is counted per impression.

Once the creative has been displayed for more than 20 minutes, no further interaction time is counted. For creatives that include both an in-page element and an external element Rich Media in-page with floating and Rich Media image with floatinginteraction time is counted for the external element only. For Rich Media expanding creatives, interaction time is counted even when the creative is not expanded. For Floating with reminder creatives, the interaction time is only counted for the floating element.

The total number of times that a backup image was served in place of an HTML5 asset during the specified date range. The number of impressions of Rich Media Expanding creatives in which the creative was expanded. Only one expansion is counted per impression.

The number of impressions that occurred when a user interacted with a Rich Media ad. Interactive impressions are captured when the user:. The average number of times your TrueView ad was shown to a unique cookie over a given time period.

The average number of times that a unique cookie viewed your TrueView ad over a given time period. The number of times users converted based on a day lookback window. View-through conversions are not included in this metric. You can use the separate View-through conversions metric to see this data. For instance, if a user viewed your ad once and then made 3 purchases, 3 Conversions would be counted. For TrueView for action ads, Engagements that convert are also included using a 3-day lookback window.

Learn more about conversions for TrueView for action. The number of unique cookies that were exposed to your ad over a given period of time. Total cookies is not the same as total users.

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